Best Toys for 1 year old India

Some toys which I have purchased for my children which have many benefits for kids. While picking a toy, try to see that the toy does not do all the work for your child.

By this I mean toys should not have batteries, have only one way of playing with them.


Blocks are the best toys for kids, they help with motor skills, they help with spatial skills development and I would recommend having one set of wooden blocks which the child can touch and feel. Blocks should be organic and non toxic as the child keeps them in their mouth.

One set of blocks will be useful from infancy to even when child is 8 to 10 years old. I recommend these blocks as they have sensory, visual, auditory and texture blocks.


Puppets are very helpful for imaginary play. These can be reused for many years and even 8 to 10 year old kids will use them. These are definitly worth investing in. Try to get rganic toys as these are safe for your child.

Shape Sorting

Purchase a shape sorter like the one above which can be reused over the years. This multicolour shape sorter can be used over the years. Intially babies cannot decide on sorting the shapes. They will simply play with the coloured pieces and you can teach them shapes and colours.

Eventually they will get good at fitting the pieces through the right holes.


Both my kids loved this. Ball is an open ended toy which can be a ball, a stone, an alien ship anything they want. This can be used for years so make sure it is machine washable.


Lego blocks are specially designed to develop skills which are very helpful for a child. Kids learn mathematical skills, they learn how to align pieces together ( in the dots). These pieces grow with the child and can be used for years and passed down to generations.