Peppa Pig Soft Toys online india

Here are some peppa pig soft toys online india. They are loved by kids and can articulate their hands and legs which makes kids really interested in these soft toys.

Pig Family PVC Toy Set Action Figure Cute Gifts for Kids

This is a 4 piece set consisting of Peppa Pig family, Peppa, George, Daddy & Mummy. The toys are made of PVC material. Suitable for kids 5 years and above. These are not exactly soft toys but it includes the entire family and you can get the entire pack for less.

The toys are smaller in size than they look in the picture. They move their hands and legs providing endless hours of fun for the kids. these can be given as birthday gifts or simply as home decor.

Lower body is plastic, the upper body is made of rubber.

Cute Pig Plush Soft Toy Action Figure Cute Gifts for Kids

Look how cute these peppa soft toys are. You get Peppa pig and brother George.

These are tiny toys which kids find easy to grasp in their tiny hands. Such toys are good for pretend play which an important aspect of child development. Most kids once they get into pretend play can spend hours alone playing and imagining all kinds of cool stuff.

When your child indulges in pretend play please step away and let the kid enjoy themselves.


Peppa Pig Plush in Pirate Costume

Pirates take the kids to extremely new level of play. The danger associated with a pirate makes imaginary play so much more fun. A pirate is the bad guy and should be defeated or captured to gain freedom.These are some ideas from my 7 year old.

I can very well imagine how creative your child will be and maybe the pirate turns out to be the good guy after all, you never know.

That is the fun of pretend play isn’t it? You don’t have to play by the rules. You can make the rules.

Share some thoughts on pretend play below. Does your child enjoy it?


Party Propz Peppa Pig Plush Toy Set of 4

How cute is this set and you get the entire family and their toys too. Peppa is holding his dinosaur and I think this adds an extra level of cuteness to it.

By adding in the small details of giving peppa his dinosaur the creators have made this toy feel so real.

I really love the fact that the toys are made of soft material and can be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth. Since the toys are tiny, I wouldn’t recommend it to too tine a baby.

So what do you think of theseĀ Peppa Pig Soft Toys online India? I personally am very happy to see them in India. These are worth a buy.

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