kondapalli toys

Kondapalli toys for kids

Kondapalli Toys are safe for kids, they are made from wood and the colours used are safe and non toxic. These are similar to Etikoppaka Toys which are also from Andhra Pradesh.

There are no choking hazards and no lead used. As a parent you must ensure that the toys you buy for your child are age appropriate, if there are any small parts, parts which can be removed then those are not suitable for toddlers.

Wooden Elephant 

Puniki Wood Bullock Cart

Wooden Kondapalli Rabbit Showpiece

King’s Ambari Show-Piece

Kondapalli toys are made of which wood?

Kondapally dolls and toys are made out of a special wood Tella Poniki by Aryakhastriyas or Nakarshalu as the artisans are known.





The artisans who have their ancestry in Muktharishi who was gifted the skills in arts and crafts by Lord Shiva now live in Kondapalli a village in Andhra Pradesh situated near Vijayawada.

In Bommala Koluvu these dolls are a must and make up beautiful displays in the festivals of Sankranti and Navratri.

How are the Kondapalli toys made?

These toys are made from a soft wood Tella Poniki which is dyed with oil and water colours or vegetable dyes or enamel paints.

What type of dolls are made?

You will find figures of Mythology, Bullock carts, Birds, animals, Dasatavram, dancing dolls.

Buy kondapalli toys online

Hand Crafted Bullock Cart Carrying Harvest- Kondapalli Toys 10 inches

Kondapalli Toys Doll

Wooden Kondapalli Man Selling Fish in a Market

Kondapalli toys price list

Kondapalli Toys range from 90 Rupees to into Thousands of Rupees.

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